My Week In a Nutshell

This week I was honored to work with model, presenter and entrepreneur Rachael Finch. We shot in Melbourne over three days in a gorgeous ballroom on Fitzroy St, for Rachael’s upcoming online project (name is yet to be revealed.)  

Rachael, as you all probably know, is drop-dead gorgeous. But she also holds a presence that is comforting and warm, yet tremendously professional at the same time – so working with her felt so natural and easy.  

Behind the scenes, she offered plenty of wisdom, sharing some of her most valuable life lessons about the industry. "Be mindful in the moment,” she said, “listen to who you’re talking to before you respond and at the end of the day the most import thing is to have fun!” These words really resonated with me and I look forward to applying Rachael's infectiously positive advice to my work and everyday life. 

After each day of shooting I went back to my hotel room and reflected on the day – the things I’d learnt and what inspired me. I wrote my thoughts down whilst they were fresh in my mind so I'd forever remember how lucky I was to do what I love and be around the most inspiring people.

I can't wait to share with you the full version of our special project in early 2017. In the meantime check out Rachael's website to find all things lifestyle, beauty, fashion, fitness, travel and food...the choc peanut butter balls are to die for!