My Week In a Nutshell 

As we head into winter, the days get shorter and it finally starts to cool down in Australia. Motivation to stay fit and healthy gets a little harder….at least for me, anyway. 

I flew over for a quick trip to Perth to perform at the opening of the Ruby League with Samantha Jade. With a 6am flight time, a five and a half hour flight, followed by sound check immediately after landing, a half hour show, to then fly out at 6am back to Sydney, to teach for four hours and then screen test a two page script, puts a little strain on the mind & body! But, when opportunities arise, you take them and you get on with it. To manage a monstrous couple of days work with limited time for rest and relaxation, it’s essential to listen to your body and nourish it as much as you can.

 Knowing I have a back-to-back schedule means - plan and prep. 

I start by having healthy snacks in my fridge for when I’m on the go. Things like vegetables, nuts, some pre made lentils and some fruit to through in my bag helps me get the right energy to get through the day. 

As the weather gets cooler it’s easy to neglect the need to drink water. A cup of herbal tea in the morning and night helps increase the daily water intake. I love a cup of purifying peppermint tea first thing in the morning and valerian lemon balm tea for nighttime. 

Sleep, sleep, sleep! At least 7 hours a night, if it means going to bed at 9.30pm, so be it. 

A short 10-minute meditation slows down and helps distress the mind. It motivates being in the moment without thinking about the future and all things coming up that day.  

Switching off after a busy day can feel impossible when the mind is racing 1,000 miles an hour. A little trick I like to use to help slow down the mind, is having a notepad next to your bed. When the mind is busy with thoughts and ideas write them down on the notepad. It gets the busy thoughts out of the mind and onto the notepad, which allows you to pick them up again after a good nights sleep.

 Make sure you give your body the love it needs.

Rest, love yourself, and stay healthy.