My Week In A Nutshell

This week I found a new appreciation for my dance work.

Recognizing the quality of what we already have can often become blurry.  " You never know what you've got, until it's gone" a phrase we all know too well and that's sadly true for most of us, including myself. Finding appreciation for what we have in the now before it gets lost requires an awareness followed by applying practice.  

Getting a casual fill in the gap retail job has put a new perspective on my dance life and has given me a newfound love. Everyone experiences the " ups & downs" but it's up to you to recognize that the down times are not the low point, but quite the opposite. The down times may not feel the most exciting at the time but you must know that we learn far more from the low points, because they play a crucial part to our growth, strength and recognizing appreciation for the " killing it at life" times. 

Immersing myself in the nine to five retail world wasn't my first choice...In fact, previously it felt I had been on the fast train to achieving my goals and for the first time in a very long time that train had come to what seemed, a stop in the road. When I applied for a casual job there were just as many negative thoughts as there were positive. And may I add, these thoughts were no one else's but my own.

My positive thoughts: Experience something new, meet new people and make new friends, get a killer wardrobe!  

My own negative thoughts: Start a job that wasn't dance related, work in a job that's not my first passion, I’m taking 2 steps backwards.

Everyone has options, and its up to us to choose what is best for us, in my case I had two paths to chose from.

Option number one:  Mope about, antagonising over a job that was non-dance related and get stuck in a negative spiral.

Option number two: Take the job and allow the endless amounts of unknown opportunities to arise.

 Negative thoughts are a part of everyday life, they sit right next to sadness, fear and self conciseness. Often we pretend that they don’t exist in the hope that they will disappear. In actual fact we should do the opposite!  Become aware of the negative thoughts, let them pass without judgment, be confident that the negativity sits in front of a door that leads to opportunity, growth, appreciation and strength.

 This week I experience new opportunities in my newfound casual job and spent the weekend in Hamilton Island performing with Samantha Jade. Starting a casual job has given me a new appreciation of my love for dance, with the help of meditation, exercise, breathing and mindfulness. It's a privilege to work along side talented and inspiring people who share the same love of performing. I am truly grateful to wake up everyday and be content with the lifestyle I have chosen. 

JH xx