My Week In A Nutshell

Travelling around Australia in a mustard Combi Van has been on my bucket list since high school and this week I was lucky enough to tick it off my list.

I got a call from a director one week ago, he was directing a music video for a well known Aussie act (which I cant reveal the name of….yet) he was looking for two dancers, one male and one female to lead in the clip. The day after our phone conversation I was asked to come in for an audition. A few days later I went to the Village Performing Arts for a rehearsal with the talented choreographer extraordinaire, Steven Tannos.

I met Hilton Denis (male lead) at Sydney airport at 6.45am, we arrived in Melbourne and headed south along the Great Ocean Road. Over the 3 days we visited some of Australia’s most iconic and beautiful landscapes. The 14-hour long days with freezing weather conditions and Antarctic southern winds became somewhat testing when asked to dance outside in bare foot. On the second day I hit a low point, but the show must go on. So…I  looked past a bad mood until the director called “that’s a wrap”. I took a moment to reflect on how badly I wanted to book this job and thought of the excitement I had when told I booked the gig, I realised where I was and remembered that in 2 days I would be back on the flight to Sydney wishing I was cruising and singing tunes in the combi and what seemed like a big deal in my head didn’t matter anymore.

Often we think about the future and the things we want to achieve. It’s so important to take moments in your life where you stop and realise what you HAVE achieved.

 Looking back, I had the most fun on this project and I’m so excited to see the end result.  I decided to share my one and only low point and the steps it took to overcoming it because not every job runs perfectly and you are forced to push through tough conditions. 

I feel so lucky to have been selected for this clip and work alongside talented artists whilst travelling through the iconic coastlines, and all this in a combi from my childhood bucket list. Stay tuned for the clip… it’s coming soon!

 JH xX