My Week In A Nutshell

After a two-week break I packed my bags for the Gold Coast and was finally reunited with my main girls, Sammi Jade and Amanda Deller, where we performed at ‘Carnival’ at Movie world. I started working with the SJ team over two years ago and have been blessed to perform amongst talented musicians, travelled and visited some of our most beautiful vistas, forged friendships that will last a life time; simply put, my job is what I love. Since that day I consider myself one of the luckiest Dancers in Australia.

 There are a lot of talented dancers in Australia… and it doesn’t have the largest population… and so the work opportunities can be limited, but I often hear the same question arise; What is it that is going to help you book and keep the job, over all the other dancers who are equally as good? From my time in being immersed in the industry I have learnt the most valuable and simple lesson….Be a nice person. No matter how much talent you have, if you're difficult to work with, its unlikely to have a long lasting career in the performance world.  It pays to be nice to everyone!

 Our trio is constantly together, traveling to and from airports, checking into hotels, meeting clients, sound checking, having dinner together, doing shows, travelling for hours by car, and then getting back on that plane and doing it all over again. The three of us are basically together 24/7. Being a performer requires a lot more than just being in a rehearsal room and performing on stage, it requires an understanding about how to act accordingly in your environment and be mindful to the people you work with.

 Sammi Jade is one of the most dedicated, humble and talented artists in the country. Being her back up dancer has been the best opportunity in my dancing career. She has built a solid team on a few key morals: being a nice human, cultivating appreciation, being grateful, remembering where you came from, having goals and working hard. Knowing these morals is key and applying them to every show we do is so important for all.

 Being part of a team with a healthy and fun work environment backed up by a foundation of love and support is a dream come true and something I hope every dancer will get to experience one day.

Be kind.