My Week In A Nutshell

To succeed in life, you must step outside your comfort zone. There’s always room to improve your craft, and to do so you must use trial and error.

Life as a dancer isn’t always glamour and sequins. There are loads of down times, too. Dancing is a constant test of putting yourself, and your work, out there, knowing there is always a chance of failure or looking bad. It can really put a test to your self-worth and won’t always have you running back for seconds.

This week I felt little spell of self-doubt, so I wanted to share some tips on how to pick yourself up when you’re feeling flat.

Firstly, everyone in the world has experienced self-doubt so know that you’re not alone in this one. My advice for pulling yourself out of the blues is…

Know it’s good for you.
A little bit of tough love is good for the soul.

Feeling down makes you appreciate the times you’re killing it at life. I like to use the low points to reflect on ways to improve for next time. It’s how you pick yourself up that makes you take two steps forward.

Most people I know – myself included – are perfectionists and don’t like failing. But know that it can be used to your advantage if you are aware of the situation.

Tell someone about it

 Talk to your friends about why you're feeling a little flat. Nine times out of ten they have something they want to get off their chest too, and are happy you brought the conversation up so that you can both vent.

I believe that creating awareness is one of the key solutions to a happy life.

When I was 18-years-old, I was lucky enough to work intensively with indigenous youth all over Australia with a company called IHHP, spreading awareness about depression and anxiety. IHHP base themselves in a community for a week and teach hip-hop workshops. Through the classes we were able to build a relationship built on trust, without judgment or shame. That allowed a safe place to open up to talk and help resolve some of the issues within the community.  It’s better out than in, so try not to bottle it up. 

 Everyone’s too worried about their own image to notice

Let’s face it – people are self-absorbed. Chances are they’re too busy dealing with their own self esteem to even notice your flaws. And the ones that are giving you heat are wasting their time worrying about someone else’s life instead of improving their own.

 Do something that makes you happy

Something unrelated is a good place to start – it will remind you that there are so many beautiful things in the world and what you’re worrying about is only a small piece of your happiness. My long weekend was spent at Blueys beach, a quaint beach town four hours north of Sydney. Three days filled of soft sand runs, ocean swims, bush walks, meditation and hearty food with some of my favourite people can really make you appreciate the simple wonders of the world. 

 Go for a swim. the ocean will make you feel like a new person. If you haven’t gone for a dip when your feeling flat, I suggest you try it.

Go for a walk. Getting out in the fresh air, amongst nature, will clear your mind completely.

Bake some life-changing loaf. It’s healthy, tasty and so much better than dwelling on negative thoughts.


 Don’t let it stop you.

Life comes in waves, so naturally, you will have ups and downs. The downs just remind us to appreciate the good things in life. Use self-doubt as fuel for strength, creativity and gratitude going forward.

Happy Monday. Have a great week.