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Jacqueline Lloyd

I had the pleasure of working with Jackie 3 years ago on "The Voice Australia," we danced for Ricky Martin doing a strong Spanish number to Roxanne. I was instantly taken back by Jackies beauty but above all her kindness, professionalism and relaxed outlook on life. Jackie Lloyde is one of the most successful dancers across the world, having worked with the biggest names in the business AND she takes selfies with Rhianna!!!!!

Jacqueline Taylor Lloyd is a Los Angeles native and began dancing at the age of three. She has trained extensively in jazz, hip-hop, modern, contemporary and ballet. Jackie lived and worked as a professional dancer in Sydney, Australia for two years. She returned to Los Angeles in 2013 and continued to work prolifically in the dance industry. Jackie has worked alongside international artists Rihanna, Ricky Martin, Jason Derulo, Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Hudson, Jessie J, Flo Rida, Rae Sremmurd, Fifth Harmony and Bella Thorne, just to name a few. She has also worked with industry leading choreographers HiHat, Michael Rooney, Beau Casper Smart, Kevin Maher, Lindsey & Craig, Rosero McCoy, Lindsay Nelko, Jason Gilkinson and The Squared Division. Jackie’s experience extends to live television, TV series, commercials, music videos, tours, sporting events, stage, print and industry events. Jackie’s goal is to continuously seek to improve her talent by pursuing a broad range of professional experience in the entertainment industry. 

What was the last song you danced to?

Ariana Grande – Let me love you, in Kimberly Taylor’s class the other day.

 Best job/artist you’ve worked for?

The best job that I’ve worked on recently was dancing with Rihanna for her concerts in South America, one being in Brazil for Rock in Rio. One thing that I love about being a dancer is the opportunities of being able travel. Not only was I able to perform alongside such a huge artist, but I was able to work with my friends and explore countries I hadn’t been to before. We had a lot time to really take in a lot of the culture and be tourists. Even after the shows were finished, some of the girls and I stayed longer in South America were able to take advantage of our time there. Such a great trip!

 What makes a good performer?

What I feel makes a good performer is versatility, good training and confidence. Being a well-rounded dancer by training in different styles with good teachers not only makes that person more valuable, but creates longevity in their career, while having confidence in one’s ability and not doubting themselves is something that makes that dancer stand out.

 What is your favourite style of dance?

I’d have to say, having danced many different styles throughout my dance career, that Jazz has remained my favourite. I grew up training in Jazz, Ballet and Modern dance and as I continue my career in the commercial dance industry I find more and more that I have a huge appreciation for the classical styles. I admire choreographers such as Michael Rooney, Jeri Slaughter and Marguerite Derricks for keeping technical dance alive in their choreography within the commercial dance industry.

 What do you think is lacking in the dance industry?

I feel that the dance industry is lacking the proper education for dancers, especially new and young dancers, to set themselves up as a business. For a lot of dancers there’s a lot of trial and error that happens before finally getting the hang of everything. If every dancer was educated at the start of their career I feel it could save a lot of hardship and stress. Basic things such as knowing the standard rates for union and non-union jobs, knowing how to fill out tax forms, staying current with pictures and profiles, proper audition and work etiquette, and knowing their worth, not taking jobs for free and not doing jobs below the industry standard, all are all things that a dancer should know, and in knowing this I feel the dance industry as a whole would be well respected.

 A piece of advice for young performers?

Continue to take classes and strive to perfect your art. There is always something you can work on and always something to learn, so continue taking a wide variety of classes from good teachers. Also, never give up. You will face a lot of rejection in this industry but it's the way you recover that will really set you apart from others and will prepare you for success. Lastly, try to stay humble, be positive, be persistent, keep auditioning and keep perfecting your art and don’t lose sight of what is important and when you are ready the right opportunity will come your way :0


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