How To Feel Confident In Front Of The Lens

 There’s an art to looking and feeling confident in-front of a camera. Some people are born with it. For others, it doesn’t come as naturally and that’s okay – a little bit of practice and preparation will get you there in no time.


The work starts at home. Let’s face it – turning up to a photo shoot with unshaved legs and dirty hair isn’t going to make you feel sexy. Make sure you exfoliate, shave the night before, wash and dry your hair, moisturise your body and have nude fingernails and toes. You want to feel your best on set, so work out and drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin, which will help clear up any spots.


Don’t come hungry. There’s nothing worse than a model with no energy, so make sure you eat breakfast the morning of. Food will keep you focused and give you just the right amount of get-up-and-go (which you’ll need!). Opt for something healthy and nutritious. Even if it’s simply a banana, nut bar, or some crackers…just eat it!


Now, for the fun part. Familiarize yourself with the photographer; get an insight into their work and creative mind. Photographers can be very specific with their vision, so make sure you take direction and work with them.


I like to make subtle movements between each click of the camera, which gets you into a rhythm and a nice variety of shots. If you’re feeling stale, take a quick moment to shake it off before getting back into position. Don’t worry too much about your body, the photographer will direct you, your job is to channel the character, stay in it and make shapes.


Modelling isn’t just about looking pretty – you’re an actor of sorts, too. You have to become apart of the set and create the story that the photographer or creative director visualises. If you are suppose to look angry don’t be afraid to scream on set, it will become more believable and create more of a real image to the viewers.


Get in front of the mirror and play with different shapes and angles so you are aware of your body. A good model will know what looks good from the photographer’s point of view, but don’t let it worry you too much – the photographer will tell you if something isn’t working.


Don’t wear anything too tight before and to the shoot. Skinny jeans, for example, are not a good idea – they will leave marks in your skin and the less retouching a photographer has to do the better.

Your body is the most powerful instrument in the world and curves create beautiful shapes. Go get ‘em, girl.

Here’s my pre-shoot checklist to get you started…

Look up the photographer’s work



 Wash Hair


Clean/nude fingernails and toes.


Come fresh faced

Practice in the mirror

Food for the morning

Have the address and calculated time of arrival.

Know your point of contact. (See the brief)

 Love your body – its beautiful, you are beautiful

JH  Xx