Ivy Heeney

My sister Ivy is so dynamic, it’s difficult to describe her in words. She’s that person that captivates the entire room the minute she arrives. Her presence is the kind that can’t be taught or imitated and that’s what makes her such a great performer.

She’s a goddess in the truest sense of the term. So, I thought you might like to get to know her…

I’m a progressive thinker, professional dancer, writer, world traveller and food enthusiast…I even make my own nut milk! I’m also one of the new hosts for Showstopper , Americas oldest running dance school competition! My dance career has taken me to over 40 countries, crowning me a gypsy of sorts and since placing 3rd on season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance Australia  I've been living in Los Angeles dancing for everyone from Fergie to Pharrell in music videos and award shows; I’ve even toured with our 2016 presidential candidate Kanye West! I’m of Polynesian decent but my obsession with gelato and Dolce & Gabbana means I simply must be Italian at heart! I love learning about different cultures, especially indigenous dance and of course my favourite thing about travelling is trying new cuisine…so I can go home and cook it myself! I never leave the house without lipstick and I never skip dessert.

Keep it sexy ;)


What was the last song you danced to?

Rihanna Work, I’m obsessed with the entire Anti album!

Best job/ artist you’ve worked for?

I recently danced for Gwen Stefani in the first ever live music video which aired during the Grammys. It was the best job because all my best friends were on it and we had really long hours on set (one night we didn’t finish until 2am!) so it was basically like a girls night out every day! Plus it was a Target commercial/ music vid soooooo CHA-CHING $$$

What makes a good performer?

Personally, someone that seduces you and commands the stage.

What is your favorite style of dance?

Any kind of sexy heels routine… you know what i’m talkin bout ;) legs, hair… think Beyoncé Partition vid!

What do you think is lacking in the dance industry?

Well in Australia a Dancers Union, so you all can get PROPER PAID!!!!!! It’s so fantastic being a dancer in the U.S because there are strict Union rules regarding how much we get paid, how long rehearsals go for, how long and how often meal breaks are, plus we get catering, snacks, water on site, and our work environment always has to meet safety standards. This is something that I wish Aussie dancers had access to because ALL dancers deserve to be treated and paid appropriately and yes we get paid much more in the US than in OZ.

A piece of advice for young performers

If you want to break into the commercial dance industry, practice your freestyle, take hip hop class, learn to dance in heels (not wedges), know who the working choreographers are that might be hiring you one day and have a great head shot and body shot!