Carissa Walford


TV Presenter:

Carissa Walford is one to watch out for on the red carpet. She has established herself as a leading television presenter, specialising in music, fashion, film and pop culture. As the female face of Foxtel’s Channel [V] for a staggering 5 years, Carissa progressed to hosting her own TV show #VTRENDING. Carissa brings a wealth of experience, reporting internationally, from the latest news to some of the biggest names in the business, including Iggy Azaelia, Pharrell Williams, Channing Tatum, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Matt Damon, Cara Delevigne, Kim Kardashian, Drew Barrymore, Mark Wahlberg and the list goes on.

 Carissa is known for her keen eye for fashion and reputation for edgy trends and if know for turning heads on the road carpet. Carissa attended the Bradford Dance Academy and The Australian College of Entertainment whilst travelling the Australian live circuit in a band as a signer. Carissa completed a Television Presenting Course in 2009 and a Screen Actors Course in 2010.

With a passion for fashion and entertainment, Carissa features her latest work on , which showcases a combination of music, interviews, events and photo-shoots through her articulate eye for detail.  

What was the last song you danced to? 

Chris Brown, picture me rollin. ;)

Who and what inspires you? 

This is a big question haha we could be here all day, but ill keep it short and sweet.

Who- I have such a range of people that inspire me everyday, from my mum, my bf- who's a creative genius, friends and mostly my dog Romeo.

What inspires me is an ever changing thing, it could be a leaf on the ground that I've walked past ( as cliché as that sounds ) to a stranger at a café that's told me a cool story whist I wait for my flat white ha

What was the last thing you ate that made you go mmmm? 

French Toast with banana, strawberry and honey! I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world so every Sunday I teat myself ;)

The fragrance I’m wearing right now is?

I have a secret fragrance I ship from Mexico that I don’t tell anyone about so I cant try to be the only once that smells like this particular scent ha, but I will tell you my second fav scent is by Serge Lutens, La fille de berlin. I love the history and story behind this scent. I like to think this perfume which is a tribute to the 'rose' scent sounds like the kind of gal I am.

What do you like to do in your down time?  

I can't get enough of a good massage so when I've got the day off Ill do a work out of some sort, get a massage and burn some candles. I'm a coastal lover, and spend as much time seaside as possible. A pro surfer wannabe you can call moi

What’s your morning routine?

 A coffee to wake me up followed by a F45 sweat session. Pretty standard/boring morning...  

 How do you stay grounded?

 I have this hyper awareness of energy and attitudes amongst other people and of course in myself so it would feel very foreign and weird if I were to act any other way but humbled and grounded. I think its got to do with my up-bringing and the people I hang around. I'm a family girl at heart, and my school friends are still some of my best friends to this day. I can smell ego from a mile away and I think it's a really awkward attribute to have. I naturally under rate myself, and like to focus my attention on others. It's the quite achievers that have longevity in this industry, not the big mouths.

Best piece of advice?

 My mum has always said to be nice to EVERYONE. It sounds simple and obvious but with opinions and judgment flying in and out of your ear each day you can forget simple manners, human like behaviour and respect we should be showing to one another. 

What would you say to people trying to make it in the industry?

Master your skills in all areas of television not just the on camera "presenting" part, know how to produce and how it all works behind the scenes. It will set you apart from others.

After 5 years at being the host at Channel V and finishing up in 2015, two months later the Music channel announced an end of an era - Did you know this was coming?

No, It wasn’t a piece of information handed to me or a fact put out there by management at Foxtel, if anything it was a big shock to the fans and staff of the longest running Australian music channel with such a credible respected brand in the music industry. Like anything, you grow up and grow out of things and 12 months ago I had a plan to move on regardless at the end of 2015. My timing was a complete coincidence, but my gut knew the channel would change if it didn’t keep up with the times in a sense. I've done everything possible as a music television host the last 5 years but my dream was to always go to L.A once I've learnt and become the best version of me in oz. Jack Nickolson said "the minute you are not learning, I believe you are dead" I couldn't agree more. I was craving a new beginning, a new challenge and to feel scared again. In order for me to be the best, I have to be thrown in the deep end & feel that fire in my belly that I was missing in order to move to the next level of my career. In this industry you cant get complacent, you've got to keep moving forward and upwards. Most importantly...YOU HAVE TO TAKE RISKS.