My Week In A Nutshell

Another week has flown by for me, as I’m sure it has for you too. And in this post, I want to dedicate my focus to mindfulness meditation. 

You’ll probably notice throughout the course of my blog, that no two weeks are the same for me –  they’re constantly evolving with work and travel, so locking down routines is challenge at the best of times. One thing that is a constant no matter where I am, though, is my 15-minute morning mediation.

Mindfulness, as Wikipedia describes it, is “the practice [of] bringing one's attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation.” I start each day by sitting in a quiet spot and centring my attention to the sounds and sensations around me – taking each of them in and accepting them as part of that moment. If I have a busy mind, I accept it, and let any excess thoughts (“what will I have for breakfast? What time is my meeting this afternoon?”) trickle through my head until I reach a place of true contentment. It’s heaven.

If you haven’t tried mindfulness before, I can highly recommend it (keep an eye out for my upcoming post about meditation). I see a lot of social media posts about “Monday blues’’, which by Friday have advanced to “poppin’ bottles #thankgoditsFriday”. One thing my meditation has taught me is the importance of being content in the now. So often we are rushing through life and miss the present moment. There’s a lot of “what’s next, where should I go, what if?” But worrying about the future, I’ve come to realise, does little to enhance the NOW. Be happy in the moment. Try to make your Monday just as exciting as your Friday. And if it’s not, become aware of what your resisting, or think of a few things you could alter that might improve your outlook. Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day.

A great week for me is a balance of performing, fitness, fashion and wellbeing. So this week, I really hit the jackpot. The fun kicked off with a fitness fashion shoot followed by teaching Barre ballet at one of my favourite little studios, @thebarre Rose Bay. Ballet is a great workout both physically and mentally. Think of a ballerina and the way they hold themselves with such beautiful posture – proper training is your foundation, and I just love passing it on to anyone and everyone I can. I teach at @thebarre on Mondays and Thursdays. Feel from to drop me a message for more details if you’d like to join my class. And don’t worry if you’ve never tried ballet before – all levels are welcome!

 A show with the SJ Team at The Star broke up the week, and a string of auditions, meetings and some reformer Pilates wrapped it all up. Reformer is my new favourite work out. It’s great to strengthen your core and it gives you long lean muscles, targeting the small muscle groups that are hard to activate in other workouts. Download the MindBody app find your nearest studio – you’ll find my Barre class on there, too.

Before I sign off, I have to tell you about the weekend. Saturday was spent at Carriageworks farmers’ markets where I got stuck into a savoury pancake from the legendary Billy Kwong stall. Markets are so much fun and a great way to stock up on fresh produce for the week grown by good, honest farmers. Sunday is a day of no commitments and minimum phone time for me as I believe it’s so important to have some you time.  I checked out the stunning Lane Cove National Park and went canoeing on the river. For someone who’s meant to be coordinated, though, I had a hard time go paddling up-stream! 

We’re blessed, in Australia, that we don’t need to go far to find the most beautiful natural spectacles. Explore our country, it’s one of the most beautiful lands on Earth. Happy Monday. X