There are not many people out there that can say they supported the world’s biggest boy band…  well it’s hard to believe, but I did!

Along side my two side kicks Sammi Jade and Amanda, the three of us shared the stage with ONE DIRECTION. We toured Australia over 4 weeks performing 8 show in different states and let me tell you, I’ve never been so nervous in my life!

Usually before a show my trio like to listen to music to amp us up for the performance ( lets be honest its usually RNB) , the first show we did the 3 of us were so nervous we didn’t speak a word for the entire car ride into the stadium. The whole tour was surreal and I made sure I pinched the girls and myself multiple times to make sure we weren’t in a dream.  The 4 weeks went wayyy too fast and before I knew it we were wrapping up our final show in Perth.

Ok, You’re properly wondering the same question I get asked over and over… did I actually meet them???  

Of course we did.