We’re putting on an epic (and ~FREE~) dance class at Brent Street Dance Studio in Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter on Friday 19th May. There’ll be plenty of freebies and some of your fave influencers are coming along too.

To be part of the Girlfriend Movement, brought to you by the Girls Make Your Move Campaign, grab your squad and email thegirlfriendmovement@pacificmags.com.au to sign up and secure your place. 

Entry staggered from 6:30pm to 7:30pm and limited to 200 girls!

You’ll need to be 13+ and have permission from a parent or your guardian to participate so download the permission form from http://www.girlfriend.com.au/media/2194/gf-movement-permission-form.pdf, get it signed and email it back to us! 

See you at the Movement
Team GF x

Tips From The Pros...

James Maxfield


Since graduating from Brent Street School of Performing Arts in 2004, James Maxfield has performed in many musical productions including Wicked, Grease – The Arena Spectacular, Hugh Jackman's The Boy From Oz, Sweet Charity, Miss Saigon, Alcina, Carmen, A Chorus Line, The Rocky Horror Show, Dirty Dancing, Xanadu and most recently My Fair Lady for Opera Australia.

As a commercial dancer, James has toured internationally with Ke$ha and Samantha Jade, and has performed live with Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, Kylie Minogue, Kelly Clarkson, Havana Brown, Ricky Martin, Delta Goodrem, Loreen, Little Mix, Fergie, Redfoo, Sneaky Sound System and Wynter Gordon. He has numerous TV dance credits including Australia's Got Talent, Dancing With The Stars and has been a resident dancer for X Factor Australia for 3 seasons and toured with the live show. James is an original Australian cast member for Motown show, Soul Mates, developed by Human Nature.

What was the last song you danced to?

The last song I did a proper dance to was "Church On Time" from My Fair Lady as I'm currently in rehearsals for the Opera Australian production.

The last song I danced to for fun was "Gold Watch" - Fleur East. In the living room with a few friends after a few drinks haha. SUCH a good song. If you haven't heard it - I recommend giving it a listen, guaranteed good time!

Best job/ artist you’ve worked for?

To be honest I can't actually pick a best job or artist that I have worked with because all of them have been so memorable, instead I'm going to say the job that I learnt the most on and gained so much experience out of was A Chorus Line. I learnt so much about my body, maintaining a role 8 shows a week and finding the confidence to stand alone and tell a story.  The show tells such an important story that every dancer that has ever auditioned for a show can relate to and it was the first show to finally give chorus members a voice. Plus, I don't think I will ever be as fit as I was when doing this show, it was definitely one of the best gym memberships I've ever had!

What makes a good performer?

I think the difference between a performer and a good performer is their acting ability. As Dancers, Singers or Actors, we are ultimately story tellers. It's all well and good to stand on stage and smile and perform a dance number or sing a song, but it’s the ones that tell a story and who are truly invested in what they are performing that are the ones that people remember.

What is your favorite style of dance?

Anything within the Jazz style, whether it be Commercial Jazz or Broadway Jazz. I grew up training in it, so it's very much mechanically inbuilt into my body and just feels right. With that being said, I LOVE watching good hip hop, I'm just not physically well versed in the style. 

What do you think is lacking in our dance industry?

I wouldn't say we are lacking too much in our industry, more work is always good. But I do think we are lacking a strong Union that protects us when it comes to wages, schedules, proper breaks, travel per dimes, fittings etc. That would be nice to see. 

What do you think the main difference is between the Australian and American dance industry?

When it comes to choice, I think there are more shows over in the states and of course bigger artists and much more to audition for in LA and NYC. And they also have a very strong Dancers Alliance/Equity over there that really protects their performers. When it comes to the quality of performers though, I would say we are 100% On Par with the American Industry!

Best piece of advise you were given/heard?

Kelley Abbey once told me in full time - You never stop learning. This has stuck with me my whole career. There is always something to learn on every gig, every show, every rehearsal and every audition. I am 13 years into my career and there is always something new for me to learn, and I believe that is what has kept me in work. I am always trying to better myself as a performer and the more I know, the more choice of work I have within the industry. 

What would you say to people trying to make it in the industry?

Learn from every knock back! Never take a "No" as a negative. Find out why something didn't work in the room, go away and improve on it as much as you can. I have learnt more from NOT booking a job than I have booking a job. Of course there's some things that can't be changed, for example certain looks and heights, but going back and working on the things that didn't work for you, I think, is one of the best things that will help you maintain a long and healthy career.

Tips From The Pros:

Marko Panzic

Marko Panzic is a Creative Director, Choreographer, Producer & Dancer. In 2008 Marko hit our TV screens in the 1st series of “So You Think You Can Dance” where he was a top 20 finalist. Marko returned for the 2nd, 3rd & 4th series as a featured choreographer. As a performer his credits include; The Aria Awards, The Logies, Dance Captain for "Fame" The Musical Australian Tour 2010, Urban Music Awards, Australian Idol Grand Final, X Factor, Live to Dance TVC, The Voice Australia, World Latin Ballroom Championships, MTV, "Goddess" The Movie. He also Assisted Jason Gilkison in Los Angeles for So You Think You Can Dance USA. Marko has worked with many of the finest recording Artists including Robin Thicke, Ricky Martin, Jason Derulo, Ricki-Lee, Jessica Mauboy, Kylie Minogue, will.i.am, Geri Halliwell, Danni Minogue, DJ Havana Brown, Kelly Rowland, Sam Sparro, Little Mix, Delta Goodrem, Justice Crew, Dami Im, Wynter Gordon, Jessica Sutta (Former PussyCat Doll), Olivia Newton-John, Seal, Joel Madden, Rudimental, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Jade MacRae, Gin Wigmore, The McClymonts, Short Stack, The Collective, Elen Levon, Samantha Jade, Che'nelle, Anthony Callea, Cosima DeVito, Prinnie, Vanessa Amorosi, David Campbell and Paulini. He has provided choreography for The Voice Australia, The Voice Kids Australia, Australia's Got Talent, Australia’s Next Top Model, EUROVISION 2014 & 2016, ABC3 Launch, Logie award winning TV Show “Dance Academy” series 1, 2 & 3 ABC, X Factor Australia, Junior Eurovision 2015, Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics, Rimmel Cosmetics, Eurovision SBS special 2010, Australian Idol TVC, Samsung TVC, Australian Dance Awards, So You Think You Can Dance Australia, Saturday Disney, Sunrise, The Morning Show, AFL Footy Show, NRL Footy Show, Australia's Funniest Home Video's, Young Talent Time, Cleo Bachelor Of The Year Awards, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, Covergirl Australia, Optus Launch, Volvo V40 Launch. Cosmopolitan Of The Year Awards, Who Magazine, Sony Music Australia. Marko Panzic has Creatively Directed DJ HAVANA BROWNS support act production for CHRIS BROWN "F.A.M.E" Tour 2011, ENRIQUE IGLESIAS "Euphoria" Tour 2011 and PITBULL & TAIO CRUZ "Planet Pit" Australian Tour 2012. Marko Panzic's work has seen him choreograph many of Australia's top music video's and platinum selling songs including: "We Run The Night" Havana Brown, "Raining Diamonds", "Crazy" & "Do It Like That" Ricki-Lee, "Pop A Bottle" & "Can I Get A Moment" Jessica Mauboy. Marko Panzic was named Artistic Director of "The Australian Dance Festival" held at Sydney Olympic Park 2012 - Present. Marko returned to our TV screens in the Channel Ten Show "Everybody Dance Now" working along side International Superstar Kelly Rowland as her Dance Captain. In 2013 Marko travelled to JAPAN for Ricki Lee's "Fear & Freedom" Promo Tour. Performing in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and at ASTRO HALL in Harajuku. Marko was appointed by Shine Australia to the role of PERFORMANCE PRODUCER on the Australian version of the hit TV shows "THE VOICE" & "THE VOICE KIDS" for Network Nine. In 2014 Marko was selected to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark to choreograph & stage Australia's special guest performance at EUROVISION featuring the very talented Jessica Mauboy. 2016 saw Marko produce and choreograph DAMI IM for her EUROVISION performance in Stockholm, where Dami came a history making 2ND for AUSTRALIA! Marko also is the Director of Australia's first commercial dance company The Dream Dance Company. In 2015 the company created there first work "GENESIS" choreographed by Marko Panzic & Stephen Tannos. The company will perform in Sydney, Gold Coast, Newcastle & Hobart. In 2016 Marko Panzic teamed up with Candace Brown from New York City to bring "The Secret Society" to life for the second season for the company which toured to Sydney, Perth and will be performing at The Australian Dance Festival. In 2016 Marko was Senior Performance Producer for Australia's Got Talent for Fremantle Media. Marko Panzic is also founder of the 3 month development course in Sydney "SHOW | BUSINESS which in 2017 will launch in Melbourne.

What was the last song you danced to?

Into You – Ariana Grande

 What do you look for in a dancer when hiring?

When hiring I always look at every job as a team, so if the job is for backing up an artist needing 6 girls or for my Dream company which is made up of 16 dancers, I always look at it like a puzzle. Each dancers needs to bring their own individuality but be able to work together and dance as a great ensemble member as well as having their own uniqueness.  

Being a strong team player as a dancer and in your work ethic is everything to me. I like to hire people who bring great energy and a want and appreciation to the job. 

How much does someone's social media status affect your decision when hiring?

I never check people’s social media status when hiring. I am a firm believer in the old way which is word of mouth and what is in front of me. Social Media is an incredible tool for promotion and using it correctly can make great impact on people’s career’s but for booking a job, sadly you will always as a dancer have to prove yourself in REAL life!

What do you think is lacking in the dance industry?

I think what is lacking is the creation of more entrepreneurs and dancers understanding the business side of dance. I feel the main focus in a lot of dance at the moment is steps. Students are paying huge money these days to gain a career in the dance world but leave majority of the time with great steps only. I believe there needs to be more put into educating and developing student’s minds to develop more longevity and wealth into the industry.

What makes a good performer?

A good performer is someone who can truly lose themselves in dance and to the music. I feel joy, love and passion is what makes someone stand out. A performers eyes and X Factor is something that cannot be taught, it is something that truly sets dancers apart. I know incredible dancers, but they are missing the fire and passion. I am all for performers that have the fire and passion over steps any day, that is the difference between a good and incredible performer.

What do you think the main difference is between the Australian and American dance industry?

I think the main difference is two things opportunity and training. There is so much paid and professional opportunities for commercial dancers in the USA and also the training is NON-STOP. Classes are full of professional dancers from all over the world in LA & NYC and the knowledge and teachers available in the states is at the top of the game. So overall there is a higher bar set in the USA because the professional dancers are still students and a lot of the teachers are highly experienced choreographers with major experience. 

Where do you find your creative streak when it comes to choreography?

MUSIC!! It is all about how the music makes me feel. I always choose songs that inspire me to create choreography too. I love great pop music, so when something does make me want to create something I love it. 

Best piece of advise you were given/heard?

“You're only as good as your last gig”

This is something that has stuck with me FOREVER!!!! It constantly continues to give me drive and determination to work on gaining more experience and fighting for the next job. Call me crazy but I love pushing myself and never staying comfortable, many people say to me “wow you have made it” but to me I have still only just started.

What would you say to people trying to make it in the industry?

Be a SMART artist! Invest your money wisely. There is so much out there at the moment and artists need to make sure they are doing their research and investing there hard earned money into opportunities and institutions that will give them something in return. Also getting to the right classes. Invest your time wisely, training is important and exposing yourself to the teachers that will mentor you, that will push you, that have experience and knowledge to pass down to you is important. Don’t fall into the fast food chain of wanting to get everything quick and fast!! Earn your way into the industry, earn the title of a professional dancer, earn your title as a choreographer, because that is one thing that can never be taken away from you is when you earn your success. It has taken me a 10 year long career in Sydney to happily call myself a professional choreographer and to have and own Australia’s first ever commercial dance company “The Dream Dance Company”. I am happy I put in the years and worked my butt off, because longevity in this career is the reward. Fight to be around for a long time, that is what your goal should be! Always ask, what is your INTENTION? Intention is everything! Be humble, work hard and continue to DREAM with a clever mind!

Marko Panzic. 

To see an inspiring and unforgettable show LIVE at Australian Dance Festival September 18th 2016. 

 Book your tickets below. 

Ticket Link: www.trybooking.com/MHAR
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Tips From The Pros... 

Wil Sabin

Wil Sabin is an internationally renowned choreographer and creative director based in Sydney. Clients include Jessica Mauboy, Prinnie Stevens, Paulini, Melissa Tkautz, Zoe Badwi, Deni Hines, and Courtney Act. He has also worked locally with international artists: Deborah Cox and Luciana, Melody Thornton and performed alongside 'Sir Elton John' in Hong Kong and toured extensively throughout Japan with international magician ' Cyril'. 

As a dancer he performed throughout Australia with Caroline O' Connor, The Presets, Ricki-Lee, Sneaky Sound System and INXS.

 Wil was a guest judge and mentor for New Zealand's Next Top Model Cycle 3.  

Sabin's international credits as Show Choreographer/Director include the MGM Grand Casino- Macau, The Venitian Casino- Macau, and 'Maxims Dolls' launching the very first casino in Singapore - Resorts World Sentosa. 

In 2014 Wil choreographed the stage show “Sydney After Dark” for the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas. 

Sabin looked after the entertainment for “March Into Merivale” producing entertainment across 22 events, Appeared on Season 3 of Asia's Next Top Model which airs globally to 140 million viewers.

Recently worked as Creative Director for the Family Nightclub Entertainment Program in Brisbane creating 15 production shows, launching the Andy Warhol exhibit at the NGVand is creative director for new Sony Artist Natalie Conway. 

Wil is also on the faculty of Village On Broadway Performing Arts school, teaching young aspiring performers across various disciplines, including jazz, musical theatre and technique. His students currently hold multiple national titles.

What was the last song you danced to? 

Control by Janet Jackson, I am obsessed with 80’s and 90s music at the moment.  

What do you look for in a dancer when hiring?

 It varies from job to job, someone who understands the brief and dresses appropriately for the casting, someone who listens and is observant during class or a casting. Of course in the commercial industry you need the whole package – so someone who presents them selves well and looks a million bucks!!  Quite often I will film castings to show my clients and they need to see exactly what they are going to get on the day.

 How much does someone's social media status affect your decision when hiring?

It definitely comes into it to some extent – it is always good to get your work out there and hiring dancers with large followings themselves helps with that. I do know though a lot of hair and make up artists wont get hired now unless they have a certain amount of followers, same for going for leads in some musicals.

Having said that I will always book who ever is BEST for the job, so its not essential to have 20K + followers but it definitely doesn’t hurt ;) 

What do you think is lacking in the dance industry?

I think there is a lack of proactive young choreographers creating work for the next generation of dancers, I speak quite often to my choreographer peers about the amount of effort that young choreographers go into to make concept videos and class videos – I always think if they spent that much time creating shows or products to sell to agencies etc there would be a lot more work on offer for younger dancers.

What makes a good performer? 

Someone who is versatile, no ego, and is easy to work with. You always know performers who have that special X factor – it comes from another place.

 What do you think the main difference is between the Australian and American dance industry?

 The amount of work – you can be more specialised in America, as in just be a commercial back up dancer or just be a musical theatre dancer, here you need to be able to do it all as there simply isn’t the work that there used to be. I was lucky when I was at the peak of my career we would be booked out on 3-4 sometimes 7 different gigs a week. It doesn’t happen like that so much now. Also the support – everyone supports each other a lot more in America I feel. 

Where do you find your creative streak when it comes to choreography? 

Anything and everything- The music generally – If I love a piece of music I blast it in my apartment and just dance. But I love watching youtube videos, old movie musicals, concerts. 

Best piece of advise you were given/heard? 

Never compare yourself to anyone else – especially in class. You are on your own journey – you only need to be better than you were yesterday – not the person next to you.

What would you say to people trying to make it in the industry? 

Get out there, go to as many classes as you can. Network!! A lot of the time its who you know not what you know. Get your instagram happening, get yourself seen!! And NEVER give up.


Tips From The Pros... 

Lauren Seymour

Lauren Seymour is one of Australia’s most sought after commercial and contemporary dancers whose love of dance shines through every single time she steps onto a stage or a sound stage. Lauren was able to truly share her passion for performing with the nation this year when she was voted Australia’s Favourite Female Dancer on Channel 10’s So You Think You Can Dance where she was crowned Runner Up in the competition. Beginning her training at a very young age in all styles of dance, Lauren trained with All Starz Performing Arts in Sydney and then went on to Newtown Performing Arts as a high school student before studying her Certificate IV full time at Brent Street Performing Arts. Before graduating Lauren had already booked numerous professional gigs including a role as a tap dancing Penguin in George Miller’s Happy Feet Two choreographed by Dein Perry. Throughout her career so far Lauren has performed with Ricky Martin, Jesse J, Delta Goodrem and Kelly Rowland as well as appearing as a featured dancer at ‘Pacha’ Sydney at the ivy where she was also Dance Captain under the creative direction of Ignatius Jones and Craig Illot. Lauren has been seen on screen in the feature film Goddess as well as ABC’s Dance Academy and music clips for Redfoo, Prinnie Stevens and Cassie Davis. Lauren was the Season 1, Dance Captain of the new commercial company, directed by Marko Panzic, The Dream Dance Company and is now in the company for the second season. Lauren’s warmth and down to earth personality combined with her fierce passion and incredible talent have propelled her to the top of her field in Australia. The rest of the world now awaits the amazing journey that is to come for this brilliant Artist.

What was the last song you danced to?

Gone by Lianna La Havas

Best job/ artist you’ve worked for?

I’m so sorry I just can’t name one singularly. Haha There is three that come to my head and they are all my favorites because of the amount I learnt from the casts and crew!

 Happy Feet 2 The Movie was my first professional job at the age of 18. I was working alongside the most amazing, mature, knowledgably, talented, and admirable cast members including, Kate Wormald, Michelle Hopper, Simon Lind, Antony Ginandjar, Joel Rasmussen just to name a few. Choreographer was Wade Robson, lets just say I didn’t say a word unless spoken to for the 7-week contract, reason being I felt like I had so much to learn from them all, and as it was my first job I felt I didn’t really have much to share about my experiences…because it was only my first! Haha

So You Think You Can Dance, taught me so much I could definitely write a novel, or two! It was physically, mentally and emotionally challenging and the journey not only taught me about myself as a dancer but also myself as a human being. So extremely thankful for this experience and the people I got to work with. 

And last but not least The Dream Dance Company. This is an experience that I am still learning from as Season 2 is just about to start. The Season 1 cast and choreographer Stephen Tannos was an epic experience so I’m looking forward to Season 2!

What makes a good performer?

The moment that all inhibitions, doubts and worries are completely forgotten about and all that is seen is the story been told. A good performer will capture audiences small or large with only a turn of the head because of the energy and presence that she/he holds on the stage.

What is your favorite style of dance?

My favorite is something I like to call commercial contemporary, it’s a mix of lyrical and contemporary just more conversational with a few technical elements thrown in!

What do you think is lacking in the dance industry?

Honestly, I think support for all choices in this industry is lacking. Social media plays a massive part in this because it gives one freedom of speech, which is a good thing but I think sometimes we all forget that our opinions may be effecting one who is completely happy with the choice they have made, whether that be creating their own show, or video, moving to another city nationally or internationally, or choosing a different path to continue on and the list continues.

 What do you think the main difference is between the Australian and American dance industry?

I think the amount of work available is the difference. I haven’t visited the US for a few years now but judging from what I’ve heard and seen there are auditions a lot more frequently in The US than here in AUS. I think if Australia had the same amount of work opportunities then the US, the world would be a very happy place!

 Best piece of advise you were given/heard?

Be kind to all. Whether or not your personalities clash, be kind.

 What would you say to people trying to make it in the industry?

I would say to find overall strength. What I mean by that is find strength in the decision to be successful, find strength in your technique, in your core and muscles so you can dance the way you want, find strength in your mind so that you can be confident and happy, find strength in the people you surround yourself with, if the people you are surrounded by don’t support your every move or make you feel like you need to impress them to succeed they are not the correct people. Being strong mentally, physically and emotionally will help you find things that you never knew you could ever possibly do. 

Watch Lauren performance from So You Think You Can Dance, Australia.

Dancers: Lauren Seymour and Renelle Jones

Choreographer: Stephen Tannos


My Week In a Nutshell

This morning I jumped on a plane to Noosa, Sunshine Coast for another Samantha Jade show. For most of us, jet setting off to in the middle of winter to a warm location on the coast doesn’t quite give me the Monday Blues; sadly there is a lack of work in the performing industry so when work arises it’s more of a blessing than strenuous work life, which I am very grateful to have. In saying this, winter can get tough for everyone no matter where your job takes you, but adding a few activates into your schedule can really nourish the mind, body and soul.  

For me, it’s getting outdoors to explore nature. Finding a national park, bush or coast walk. Walking in nature does wonders for the soul. It helps escape the hustle and bustle of work life and allows the mind to be nourished by quiet surroundings. Plus it’s enjoyable physical exercise that will nourish your body, mind and soul all in one.  

Do something you’ve never done before. Explore your beautiful country, its full of hidden gems. After getting off the plane and checking into a hotel room, it seems much easier to sit on the coach and put a movie on. But making the choice to seek out a new adventure and make the most of opportunities that are right outside your door, wherever you may be.

Being rugged up on the coach is a natural comfort but can get hostile and stagnant for the goodness of your health, believe me when I say – I love a night in with some pop corn and a chai tea but you never regret getting outdoors.

Today I was lucky enough to explore Noosa and go for a two-hour coastal walk followed by a swim. This natural remedy clears away bad energy and replenishes your mind, body and soul with love and happiness.  

What nourishes you? Love yourself enough to treat yourself to a little….


My Week In a Nutshell

This week I was honored to work with model, presenter and entrepreneur Rachael Finch. We shot in Melbourne over three days in a gorgeous ballroom on Fitzroy St, for Rachael’s upcoming online project (name is yet to be revealed.)  

Rachael, as you all probably know, is drop-dead gorgeous. But she also holds a presence that is comforting and warm, yet tremendously professional at the same time – so working with her felt so natural and easy.  

Behind the scenes, she offered plenty of wisdom, sharing some of her most valuable life lessons about the industry. "Be mindful in the moment,” she said, “listen to who you’re talking to before you respond and at the end of the day the most import thing is to have fun!” These words really resonated with me and I look forward to applying Rachael's infectiously positive advice to my work and everyday life. 

After each day of shooting I went back to my hotel room and reflected on the day – the things I’d learnt and what inspired me. I wrote my thoughts down whilst they were fresh in my mind so I'd forever remember how lucky I was to do what I love and be around the most inspiring people.

I can't wait to share with you the full version of our special project in early 2017. In the meantime check out Rachael's website to find all things lifestyle, beauty, fashion, fitness, travel and food...the choc peanut butter balls are to die for! 



My Week In A Nutshell

We kick started the first leg of our SJ " Only Just Begun" tour with a bang in Brisbane city. The LGBT community came together to show their support for the horrifying Orlando, Florida shootings where 49 innocent lives were tragically lost. Fluffy nightclub showed their support by coming together and raising over $8,000. I am thankful to be amongst courageous, thoughtful humans supporting equality and hammering home the importance of one love. 

Love is love


My Week In A Nutshell

I am honoured to perform and be involved with the Pink Hope charity event at the Star casino. Pink Hope helps support, provide and promote awareness around risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Regular health check ups can be somewhat daunting, but they are an necessity we MUST all encourage and support. Pink Hope is able to help individuals take charge of their risk and the possibility for them to avoid cancer.  Founder Krystal Barter is a preventative cancer activist and an inspiration to all women. I am proud to support such a wondering cause, whilst having my best friends Samantha Jade and Amanda Deller by my side.

 Know your risk of breast and ovarian cancer… change your future.

Click on the link below to find out more... 


 Love and support each other.

JH xX 

How To Feel Confident In Front Of The Lens

 There’s an art to looking and feeling confident in-front of a camera. Some people are born with it. For others, it doesn’t come as naturally and that’s okay – a little bit of practice and preparation will get you there in no time.


The work starts at home. Let’s face it – turning up to a photo shoot with unshaved legs and dirty hair isn’t going to make you feel sexy. Make sure you exfoliate, shave the night before, wash and dry your hair, moisturise your body and have nude fingernails and toes. You want to feel your best on set, so work out and drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin, which will help clear up any spots.


Don’t come hungry. There’s nothing worse than a model with no energy, so make sure you eat breakfast the morning of. Food will keep you focused and give you just the right amount of get-up-and-go (which you’ll need!). Opt for something healthy and nutritious. Even if it’s simply a banana, nut bar, or some crackers…just eat it!


Now, for the fun part. Familiarize yourself with the photographer; get an insight into their work and creative mind. Photographers can be very specific with their vision, so make sure you take direction and work with them.


I like to make subtle movements between each click of the camera, which gets you into a rhythm and a nice variety of shots. If you’re feeling stale, take a quick moment to shake it off before getting back into position. Don’t worry too much about your body, the photographer will direct you, your job is to channel the character, stay in it and make shapes.


Modelling isn’t just about looking pretty – you’re an actor of sorts, too. You have to become apart of the set and create the story that the photographer or creative director visualises. If you are suppose to look angry don’t be afraid to scream on set, it will become more believable and create more of a real image to the viewers.


Get in front of the mirror and play with different shapes and angles so you are aware of your body. A good model will know what looks good from the photographer’s point of view, but don’t let it worry you too much – the photographer will tell you if something isn’t working.


Don’t wear anything too tight before and to the shoot. Skinny jeans, for example, are not a good idea – they will leave marks in your skin and the less retouching a photographer has to do the better.

Your body is the most powerful instrument in the world and curves create beautiful shapes. Go get ‘em, girl.

Here’s my pre-shoot checklist to get you started…

Look up the photographer’s work



 Wash Hair


Clean/nude fingernails and toes.


Come fresh faced

Practice in the mirror

Food for the morning

Have the address and calculated time of arrival.

Know your point of contact. (See the brief)

 Love your body – its beautiful, you are beautiful

JH  Xx

Tips From The Pros…

Jacqueline Lloyd

I had the pleasure of working with Jackie 3 years ago on "The Voice Australia," we danced for Ricky Martin doing a strong Spanish number to Roxanne. I was instantly taken back by Jackies beauty but above all her kindness, professionalism and relaxed outlook on life. Jackie Lloyde is one of the most successful dancers across the world, having worked with the biggest names in the business AND she takes selfies with Rhianna!!!!!

Jacqueline Taylor Lloyd is a Los Angeles native and began dancing at the age of three. She has trained extensively in jazz, hip-hop, modern, contemporary and ballet. Jackie lived and worked as a professional dancer in Sydney, Australia for two years. She returned to Los Angeles in 2013 and continued to work prolifically in the dance industry. Jackie has worked alongside international artists Rihanna, Ricky Martin, Jason Derulo, Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Hudson, Jessie J, Flo Rida, Rae Sremmurd, Fifth Harmony and Bella Thorne, just to name a few. She has also worked with industry leading choreographers HiHat, Michael Rooney, Beau Casper Smart, Kevin Maher, Lindsey & Craig, Rosero McCoy, Lindsay Nelko, Jason Gilkinson and The Squared Division. Jackie’s experience extends to live television, TV series, commercials, music videos, tours, sporting events, stage, print and industry events. Jackie’s goal is to continuously seek to improve her talent by pursuing a broad range of professional experience in the entertainment industry. 

What was the last song you danced to?

Ariana Grande – Let me love you, in Kimberly Taylor’s class the other day.

 Best job/artist you’ve worked for?

The best job that I’ve worked on recently was dancing with Rihanna for her concerts in South America, one being in Brazil for Rock in Rio. One thing that I love about being a dancer is the opportunities of being able travel. Not only was I able to perform alongside such a huge artist, but I was able to work with my friends and explore countries I hadn’t been to before. We had a lot time to really take in a lot of the culture and be tourists. Even after the shows were finished, some of the girls and I stayed longer in South America were able to take advantage of our time there. Such a great trip!

 What makes a good performer?

What I feel makes a good performer is versatility, good training and confidence. Being a well-rounded dancer by training in different styles with good teachers not only makes that person more valuable, but creates longevity in their career, while having confidence in one’s ability and not doubting themselves is something that makes that dancer stand out.

 What is your favourite style of dance?

I’d have to say, having danced many different styles throughout my dance career, that Jazz has remained my favourite. I grew up training in Jazz, Ballet and Modern dance and as I continue my career in the commercial dance industry I find more and more that I have a huge appreciation for the classical styles. I admire choreographers such as Michael Rooney, Jeri Slaughter and Marguerite Derricks for keeping technical dance alive in their choreography within the commercial dance industry.

 What do you think is lacking in the dance industry?

I feel that the dance industry is lacking the proper education for dancers, especially new and young dancers, to set themselves up as a business. For a lot of dancers there’s a lot of trial and error that happens before finally getting the hang of everything. If every dancer was educated at the start of their career I feel it could save a lot of hardship and stress. Basic things such as knowing the standard rates for union and non-union jobs, knowing how to fill out tax forms, staying current with pictures and profiles, proper audition and work etiquette, and knowing their worth, not taking jobs for free and not doing jobs below the industry standard, all are all things that a dancer should know, and in knowing this I feel the dance industry as a whole would be well respected.

 A piece of advice for young performers?

Continue to take classes and strive to perfect your art. There is always something you can work on and always something to learn, so continue taking a wide variety of classes from good teachers. Also, never give up. You will face a lot of rejection in this industry but it's the way you recover that will really set you apart from others and will prepare you for success. Lastly, try to stay humble, be positive, be persistent, keep auditioning and keep perfecting your art and don’t lose sight of what is important and when you are ready the right opportunity will come your way :0


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My Week In A Nutshell

Ft.Barney Cools.  

Check out the cheeky “Bae of the Day” shoot I did with Barney Cools.  Aside from shooting bae’s, Barney Cools make a range of get up, mix tapes and all good things in-between.

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Photographer:  Bellnjerry
Article: Thom Fogarty


My Week In a Nutshell 

As we head into winter, the days get shorter and it finally starts to cool down in Australia. Motivation to stay fit and healthy gets a little harder….at least for me, anyway. 

I flew over for a quick trip to Perth to perform at the opening of the Ruby League with Samantha Jade. With a 6am flight time, a five and a half hour flight, followed by sound check immediately after landing, a half hour show, to then fly out at 6am back to Sydney, to teach for four hours and then screen test a two page script, puts a little strain on the mind & body! But, when opportunities arise, you take them and you get on with it. To manage a monstrous couple of days work with limited time for rest and relaxation, it’s essential to listen to your body and nourish it as much as you can.

 Knowing I have a back-to-back schedule means - plan and prep. 

I start by having healthy snacks in my fridge for when I’m on the go. Things like vegetables, nuts, some pre made lentils and some fruit to through in my bag helps me get the right energy to get through the day. 

As the weather gets cooler it’s easy to neglect the need to drink water. A cup of herbal tea in the morning and night helps increase the daily water intake. I love a cup of purifying peppermint tea first thing in the morning and valerian lemon balm tea for nighttime. 

Sleep, sleep, sleep! At least 7 hours a night, if it means going to bed at 9.30pm, so be it. 

A short 10-minute meditation slows down and helps distress the mind. It motivates being in the moment without thinking about the future and all things coming up that day.  

Switching off after a busy day can feel impossible when the mind is racing 1,000 miles an hour. A little trick I like to use to help slow down the mind, is having a notepad next to your bed. When the mind is busy with thoughts and ideas write them down on the notepad. It gets the busy thoughts out of the mind and onto the notepad, which allows you to pick them up again after a good nights sleep.

 Make sure you give your body the love it needs.

Rest, love yourself, and stay healthy.


My Week In A Nutshell

A little rest and relaxation was in need after a jammed packed few weeks, so I decided to take a couple of days for a quick weekend adventure with my lover.

I wanted countryside and somewhere far enough to feel as though I was away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney but close enough so I didn't have to travel for hours by car as we were only going for the night. That wasn’t too much to ask for...right? Sometimes, when you put out what your heart desires, you might just receive.

 We headed 2 hours down south to Milton Park Country House, a 20th century mansion hidden amongst beautiful landscape in the Southern Highlands east of Bowral. The estate is a luxurious grand mansion with 44 rooms, indoor heated pool, gym, tennis courts, spa house, fine dining restaurants and lounge areas warmed by open fire places.

 The air was clean, crisp and smelt like fresh grass and smokey wood. Morning walks and meditation amongst the estates beautiful gardens and ancient woodlands made switching off a breeze. Stepping inside to heat up by the fire places whilst kicking your feet up with a glass of red wine and a good book literately warmed my heart and soul.

Milton Park was a perfect getaway for switching off a busy brain and nourishing the mind and soul, something we all deserve every now and then. 



My Week In A Nutshell